Alex Laughlin’s Small Tire Debut is a Success

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Alex Laughlin’s Small Tire Debut is a Success

This past weekend we were down in Georgia with Alex Laughlin as he competed in his first ever radial vs. the world small tire race "Light Out 9". Going fast is nothing new to Alex, he drives fast cars for a living. This weekend was a new experience for the racer as he would pilot this blown Hemi powered 2012 corvette with an estimated 4,500 horsepower! Small tire racing has been growing in popularity over the last few years. The fastest class to compete in is Radial vs. the World. Engine and chassis tuning was made capable by an expert team comprised of Alex's father Kenny, Frankie Taylor (tuning) and Brandon McKinney.

This weekend is the first time I have been able to make a full pass in the new car, I've driven a lot of cars in my career thus far, but I have to say this radial stuff is a lot of fun!

Alex Laughlin

Saturday afternoon the team would make their fastest pass of the weekend running the 1/8 mile in 3.86 seconds at 202 mph! Alex will be back in the Radial car for a few more races this season to keep up with Alex follow him on FaceBook at:

The entire team feels like this weekend was a total success. We were really able to make some good passes and learn a lot about the car, I'm confident we will be a fierce competitor in the next small tire race coming up in March.

Kenny Laughlin